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  • How do I earn points as a Play Pass Rewards member?
    It's simple! For every dollar you spend at The Yardery, you'll earn 1 point. The more you savor our delicious offerings, the more points you'll accumulate. Once you reach 100 points, you will receive $10 off your next visit at The Yardery!
  • Can I earn points with online orders?
    Yep! Be sure to sign-in with the email you joined with. You can place your online order with The Yardery here.
  • How can I check my Play Pass Rewards balance?
    You can easily check your rewards balance by clicking this link here. Check your balance by providing the email address or phone number you signed up with. Your rewards balance will be displayed for your convenience.
  • Do Play Pass Rewards members receive double points during Happy Hour?
    Absolutely! Play Pass Rewards members enjoy double the fun during our Happy Hour. Every dollar spent at The Yardery during Happy Hour earns you twice the points, getting you closer to exciting rewards even faster. Join us for Happy Hour and savor not only the fantastic deals but also the bonus points that come with it! Please note that the double points are automatically added to your order during Happy Hour!
  • Is The Play Pass free to join?
    Yes! The Yardery's Play Pass is completely FREE to join! All you need is an email address to start earning valuable points! Join Play Pass Rewards for FREE by clicking here.
  • Can you apply multiple accounts to the same order?
    We can only apply one account per check, so please be sure to request split checks if you are dining with other Play Pass members.
  • How do the Birthday Bucks rewards work?
    At The Yardery, we love celebrating birthdays! The Birthday Bucks Reward is available to members who have provided a valid email address, date-of-birth and have opted in for promotional emails. Members who meet that criteria will automatically be emailed a $5 coupon on the first of their birthday month!
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